Serverless Framework S3 Permissions (Serverless IAM Permissions)

~2 min read

But I do a lot of PDF generation with one of my projects so I need to be able to put S3 objects from the serverless function, so I need a bit of setup to do that.

I created a new bucket in S3.

Then the main thing is find the simplest way to grant the serverless project access to the S3 bucket.

In the past I've spent time creating new users and roles and connecting to aws services using the using the secret keys of the user. But one of the main benefits of serverless is the easy integration of other aws services.

According to this post the serverless framework automatically creates a IAM user for the serverless project. Of course there are ways to customize this access, but for my purposes its really easy to use the default user and role.

Then you can give the default user/role access to a service like S3 by simply adding this to the serverless.yml file:

        - Effect: "Allow"
           - "s3:*"
          Resource: { "Fn::Join": ["", ["arn:aws:s3:::BUCKET_NAME", "/*" ] ] }

Just be sure to replace BUCKET_NAME with the name of your bucket. This gives the lambda function full access to this bucket.

This stackoverflow question was helpful in figuring this out. Also it probably would help if I understood cloudformation and aws IAM users more.